Analyzing The First Psycho-Pass OP (Video)

Psycho-Pass’ first opening begins with a stream of blood cells interspersed with a dominator. What’s important here is not the blood but who the blood belongs too which is reveled to be Kogami as the camera comes out from his body and he points a dominator towards it. Kogami and enforcers in general have up until this point been SIBYL’s blood, the thing that makes it work.

In this shot Kogami casts two shadows representing the internal struggle Kogami faces at the start of the show. This and the casual way he handles the dominator shows us this is Kogami from episode 1 and before when he was just following SIBYL’s orders blindly, like he himself will say.

After the title card Akane appears sinking in a pool of water. It’s important to know what this shift in setting is. In episode 9 Kogami will describe to Akane how trying to profile a criminal is metaphorically like a murky swamp. To see the bottom of said swamp you must dive in, the question is how deep can one dive and still be able to resurface? Right now we are in that swamp, we are in Kogami’s mind which before Akane arrived was engulfed by the murkiness.

Akane too is sinking into this swamp before her attention is grabbed by a dominator shot, probably the one that kills the rapist from episode one, the first dominator assisted killing she witnesses.

Then we see two Kogami’s fighting in the dark water. The one on the right is an emotional, revenge driven Kogami while the other on the left is seemingly cold and calculating the Kogami created by diving two deep into the criminal mind. They are wrestling for control of Kogami’s mind and are seemingly evenly matched. This also represents Kogami and Makishima’s similarities, fighting Makishima is like fighting himself.

Then we see Kogami sinking deeper into the murky depths of the swamp when something catches his attention. He looks up to see Akane, no longer sinking but in fact swimming towards him as if to try and rescue him, to bring him back to the surface. This of course representing how Akane is able to remain mentally healthy even after seeing the criminal mind.

Akane then shoots Kogami with the dominator like she does in episode one and suddenly everything becomes clear to symbolise the freeing of Kogami’s mind from this conflict. We see Kogami finally hit the bottom of the swamp and split into two. The two Kogami’s here are separated by a stream of blood and I can see this being interpreted in 3 ways all relating to Makishima:

  1. He and Makishima are only separated by blood and body. In mind they are the same.
  2. The thing that separates them is the blood on Makishimas hands from his murderous habits.
  3. That they are separated by flowing blood or rather death, with Kogami killing Makishima eventually.

After Kogami’s mind is cleared we cut to the Tokyo skyline with Akane looking out across it to see Kogami running towards her. Notice how Kogami now only casts one shadow to his right. The emotional Kogami, the on eon the right hand side from earlier, has won out.

Akane raises her gun in Kogami’s direction symbolising how she attempts to stop him killing Makishima later on. Kogami charges forward however and descends on Akane from above to her surprise. She is now the only thing between him and his goal, killing Makishima.

We end with a shot reminiscent of the opening one, we enter Akane’s bloodstream through her eye the same way we exited Kogami’s symbolising how integral she becomes to Sibyl’s survival towards the series end becoming far more important to it’s function than Kogami or any of the enforcers.

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One thought on “Analyzing The First Psycho-Pass OP (Video)”

  1. Well I read along with the post while watching/hearing the video. Psycho Pass is one of my favorite Animeseries as well, and I never realised there was this much depth to the opening. In all honesty I really like this opening better, than the one that comes up later in the series (not that the second opening is bad mind you). This was a highly enjoyable read, and it sometimes goes to show that there are way more layers to something than we think at first. Great post! 😊

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