Eromanga Sensei Just Became Earth Shatteringly Retarded

I Actually didn’t think this show could sink much lower. I already hated so much about it, it’s characters, story, attempted fan service etc. that I didn’t think I could find anything more to dislike about it. I couldn’t will myself to complain about all the little stupid things like how when Sagiri lends 3 books to Megumi the bookshelf she takes them from appears in shot behind her with those same books still on it. I couldn’t find the strength to care about the scene preceding it which amounted to one 12 year old girl sexually assaulting another.

Then episodes 7 and 8 aired.

There are many things about these two episodes that anger me but it actually starts at the tail end of episode 6. We find out through conversation that Masamune has sold 220,000 copies, pretty impressive for a 15 year old who’s been published for at most a year and a half.

Then we find out Elf-cunt has sold over 2 million copies. Even more impressive for a 14 year old who’s been writing for 2 years at most.

This is all found out in a conversation about Masamune entering a light novel competition for rookie authors which his editor says she’ll “use her influence” to get him into.

Then Muramasa (who just fucking popped in for the lulz) also signs up to this competition after finding out the person she’s sitting beside is Izumi-sensei her idol. So firstly if she’s such a big fan why didn’t she recognize his face, he’s done book signings before there’s no way she wouldn’t go. Secondly, if it’s a stretch for Masamune, an author with 220,000 copies sold, to enter this competition how does one reconcile a girl with 14.5 million sales entering. Firstly she wouldn’t be allowed, no way in hell. Second, it’d really hurt her career, she’d be seen as trampling on competition that had no chance, it’d be like the Golden State Warriors signing up for a kids basketball summer league and just dunking all over them. Third FOURTEEN AND A HALF MILLION?!?!?!

It’s later said that she can’t write her battle series because Masamune stopped getting his published. This would imply she’s only been writing her most popular series for about 1 year so a large chunk of these sales must be from then. Actually now that I think about it, Masamune’s battle series was cancelled, if Muramasa had just told her editor that she wouldn’t write unless they continued his series they absolutely would have continued his series but anyway.

Do you know what this means? Two of Japan’s best selling authors are under the age of 15. To give you some context, per this article here, Sword Art Online as of September 2016 has sold 16.7 million copies making it the 3rd most popular LN series ever. Add up our 3 authors total sales and it’s the exact same figure. They did that in 1-2 years. Sword Art Online did that in 7. (It should be noted the Anime even scales this down in the Novel it’s 140 million sales for Muramasa, which would be the same as the top 9 best selling series of all time combined).

This is earth shatteringly retarded. You expect me to believe kids who just learned how to spell without fucking up half the time can even write novels that could sell like that? But it doesn’t even end there. In episode 8 Sagiri is watching TV when an interview with people attending a Summer festival comes on. It’s Kuroneko from Oreimo and her sisters that are being interviewed.

Apart from this being the most blatant case of sucking ones own dick on the part of A-1 studios and Fushimi (the author) that you may ever see this connects the two into a shared universe. Why is this retarded? Well because Kirino from OreImo, who is also 14, IS ALSO A BEST SELLING LIGHT NOVEL AUTHOR!!

Her novel gets a an anime adaptation too, something Elf-cunt’s is only just getting now that she’s sold 2 million copies. I’m not eben going to go back and reasearch exactly how many she sold (if it’s even mentioned at all) but it means that 3 of Japan’s best selling authors are teenage girls. And the reason this is an issue is because sometimes Eromanga Sensei tries to be serious but when it does it just seems so out of place in an illogical world like this one.

When this show runs it’s course I’m willing to bet it will have been the worst Anime I’ve ever watched and I plan on making a video to that effect. I genuinely don’t see what anyone gets from this show, I am baffled by it’s seemingly unironic popularity. I get SAO’s popularity, I got OreImo’s as well. But this show has broken me and I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

Please kill me,



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