Why Do We Find Anime Characters Attractive? – The Best Girl From Every Show I’ve Finished

I think the fact that people can find 2D characters attractive fascinating. Like just how fan service has become a staple in anime, how do people find something so far from what humans really look like hot? I’m one of them of course but it still perplexes me. So today I’ll be compiling a list of the best girl of every Anime I’ve watched to try and find some trends. Do I always like the same type of girl? Does it reflect what I look for in girls in real life? Does a characters personality have a significant effect on this decision?

I will analyze this list after I make it, try to find some trends and then attempt to draw some conclusions based on that in another post.

I do have some stipulations to go along with this list:

  • Only coming from Anime I’ve completed at least 1 season of
  • The show must have 2 viable options to choose from (lest we have a couple best girls by default throwing off our stats)
  • I’ll be leaving off pure romances like Plastic Memories where despite there being plenty of girls in the show they are never presented as obtainable due to the shows nature
  • And of course any show I just choose to leave off

Let’s get started.

Absolute Duo – Julie Sigtunathumb-1920-688002

Shows like this are great for the purposes of this list because all of the characters were so bland and forgettable that my choice is pretty much solely based on looks. Main Girl was Best Girl in this case, I remember that much.

Angel Beats! – Kanade Tachibana20100526185953598

This was a case of design preference. I think I probably preferred Yuri as a person but the image of Kanade playing the piano in that incredible OP is still strikingly clear in my mind even so long removed from seeing it last. It was just so beautiful I think it won me over.

AnoHana – Naruko Anjou1442429351-57c3c3df41a24f81d8427807976118e7

Based on the previous two selections one might have assumed a trend and expected to see the silver haired Menma here. Nope. While none of the three girls designs stuck out apart from each other for me, I remember watching the show that Anjou would be the type of girl I might actually date. I guess it’s personality here although I do like her design.

Boku no Hero Academia – Ochako UrarakaCh69GmaU4AAeqIn

Design this time. I originally remember really disliking her eyebrows but then really liking how cute her expressions were and how her eyebrows were animated in them. That weird? Well maybe I’m just trying to distract from my real motivation here. Sex in zero gravity.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai – Sena KashiwazakiMazui_Boku_Ha_Tomodachi_Ga_Sukunai_NEXT_-_06_3947814D.mkv_snapshot_10.51_2013.02.15_17.29.38

I was a bit torn here. I love the design of Sena but when Yozora cut her hair in season 2 I found that her new design competed with Sena’s in a very real way. Also, I felt throughout that I shouldn’t like Sena. She was a bit of a bitch and was easily wound up by others (usually Yozora) which made her seem a bit stupid. But in the end I just found myself liking for Sena despite all of her glaring flaws. Now this reminds me of real life.

Charlotte – Nao Tomori648557

I hate this show. Tomori was fun most of the time though. She was most attractive and most intriguing personality wise. Now if only the show’s ending wasn’t hot trash. Moving on.

Clannad – Kyou FujibayashiFujibayashi.Kyou.full.194965

This one is slightly more personality based, firstly because her design is so like her twin sister (obviously) that if it was just that I’d have a hard time choosing and secondly I’ve played the Clannad visual novel which is basically all about choosing best girl. I chose Kyou (as soon as I could) because she was very pretty but also seemed more fun than her sister Ryou. I’ve never really liked the ultra shy girls like Ryou.

Code Geass – Kallen Stadfelt


To be honest I didn’t really like the designs of most of the girls in this show. On top of that I don’t really like the posh girl archetype. So I was left to choose between Kallen and C.C and Kallen was just the only choice I could come to in that scenario. She’s really a best girl by default.

Date A Live – Itsuka Kotori


Just look at the title. This is some dumb harem shit. I don’t have to justify my selection. Fuck you.

GakkouGurashi! – Miki Naokivlcsnap-00135

I like the character designs in Gakkougurashi! a lot and Kurumi in particular gives Miki a strong challenge for this spot. In the end though I preferred Miki’s backstory over the rest of them. And also the design of her underwear is great and I don’t mean in an overtly sexual way, like the vest top thing she wears looks great to me. I don’t know.


Highschool DxD – Koneko Toujo


OK, let’s try to find a reason other than her hair because silver haired girls is clearly becoming a trend here (which surprises me a bit). Maybe it’s because Koneko isn’t so immediately obtainable for our lead Issei. She treats him like dirt and only ever gradually comes around to him and even then not too much. I don’t remember exactly why she was my favorite because I watched the show quite a while ago but I instantly remembered that she was my favorite.

Highschool of The Dead – Saeko Busujima


This one’s just pure sex appeal. HoTD was just over the top and stupid, all the girls were cute and it just came down to who I found most attractive out of them. Splitting hairs on this one.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – Junko Hattori71f6834f8a2a2032622ed43acd51966e

I love Hattori’s design so much that I actually completed this show in large part because I just wanted to see more of her. The blue hair that’s short-medium length is what I think of when I try to construct an anime girl in my head. I really love her design, I wish she was in a better show.

Infinite Stratos – Charlotte Dunois355d231d8f0e80e253ef80ff50317d99012a30bd_hq

I don’t have much love for this show either. For example Charlotte here. She’s a beautiful girl living in the main characters room who clearly wants him and you’re expecting me to believe any straight male teen wouldn’t be fucking the shit out of her? Bullshit

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Trish Unamaxresdefault

I wasn’t sure whether or not to include Jojo because my best girl is from a part that David Production have not animated yet (please just give me Vento Aureo and I’ll die happy). I love her outfit as well as her short pink-purple hair. She’s already my favorite Jojo girl despite being from the only non coloured part of the manga so she might be one of my top favorites when she’s brought to animation.

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai – Kanon NakagawaMuxed-Subs_The_World_God_Only_Knows_OVA_704x396p_H264-AACBA53864D.mkv_snapshot_09.04_20

I was only half watching the entirety of this show. I remember enjoying it but nothing much else about it. One thing I remember is that when I stopped watching mid season 3 it was because my favorite girl was reintroduced as a focal point of the story and then just took her out of the story again. I would sorta like to see if the main character did end up saving her and actually getting with her but that would require a rewatch of the first 2 seasons in my mind because I remember so little of it. Not worth the trouble.

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl – Tomari Kurusu60488

I remember so little about this show. Two things really well about it though. Firstly how fucking fantastic the soundtrack was in comparison to the rest of the show (I actually might do a post about that). Secondly how much I hated the main love interest. So I could choose the main character or Tomari and Tomari came up trumps design wise. This show is shite, totally not my thing, no idea why I watched it.

Kiss x Sis – Ako SuminoeCTKkvjRWIAE-MhO

This show is what Eromanga Sensei should be. The characters are older for a start and there’s no needless tragedy thrown in. The show knows exactly what it is, fanservice. It’s a decent show if you just want to watch something to pass time easily. So unless you go for the big titted alternate girl you have to choose one of the sisters. Whilst I prefer Riko’s attitude, I prefer Ako’s design and being that this is a fanservice show that’s what really matters. It’s the hair, I just really like the way she clips it back. Both are good though.

Kokoro Connect – Himeko Inabamaxresdefault (1)

It’s that admission scene that sold me on Inaba. I just know I’d get along really well with someone like her. Again the type of girl I’d probably date.

Little Busters! – Rin Natsume


Rin likes cats. I like cats. Cats.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica – Kyoko SakuraKyoko_magical_outfit_2

Feels weird not to be calling it Puella Magi as opposed to Mahou Shoujo but that’s just the way MAL has it on my list. Anyway it’s gotta be Kyoko. I love the little sharp tooth she has for a start. I usually hate that in characters but that’s because the tooth is ever present even when the mouth is closed but not in this case. I’d talk more about her but I want to do a Masterpiece Territory on the show so I should have ample time to explain my love of Kyoko (and the cast in general).

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? – You KasukabeE01_Yo_Receiving_the_Letter

Another show that’s good because the personalities of the characters are pretty non existent. First of all she has a cat. Yay. Secondly I think I can see a trend, I like girls with clipped back hair. Not much complexity in the hair style but a smooth look with a clip which makes the unnatural way it falls plausible. Really tho, cats.

Nagi no Asukara – Miuna Shiodome*


This one is a bit complicated. Why? Well because of the large web of conflicting love interests this show has. The show starts off with some love triangles and then there’s a time skip and more love interests are added. As much as I loved Miuna after she aged I didn’t want Manaka to not end up with the main guy, which conflicted with my liking of Miuna. Both are cute but I preferred Miuna, I would’ve liked it more if the love web was restructured. Manaka could be put here potentially, I’m really not sure.

No Game No Life – Stephanie Dolat4jy6jeu5j2lx6gsz4cyurzkfxheljkd_hq

I just love the bright vibrant colours they use in this show and that translates into my liking Stephanie over anyone else. I did like this show a lot but not because of the characters per say, they were probably the weakest aspect so this is nearly a pure design choice (I know I’m saying that a lot, bear with me).

OreImo – Kuroneko3e93db2ebd39847c139ea898ad97b4d712fc9937_hq

Another show I’d like to talk more in depth about. Kuroneko is the best thing about OreImo. Kirino’s cute. Ayase’s cute. But I just liked Kuroneko more as a character. I always find a connection with any character who’s a stubborn creator like her. And I love the mole she has. It’s just a little thing that makes her distinct. I’ll talk about this another time.

OreNou – Furano Yukihira


If I hadn’t skipped over a fair few silver haired girls already I’d be convinced this is a trend for me (maybe it still is). Anyway on top of just being cute I found her downright hilarious, just like the show itself. I like funny girls, they tend not to get offended by my dark sense of humor.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! – Sora Takanashisora

Apparently this is not a popular choice, which I was a bit shocked to hear. Raika Oda is the popular choice but to me she was neither that attractive or enticing as a person. I liked Sora a lot more. The only bit I didn’t like was that loose strand of hair on the top of her head but I got over that.

Psycho-Pass – Akane Tsunemorie7ff1-1351879100606

I decided to include Psycho-Pass because I think Kunizika and Shion could both be considered here. I however love Akane’s design and I haven’t mentioned this for other characters yet but her eyes in particular. Both the shape and the colours in her iris (especially when they’re drawn in detail.) There’s a photo of her somewhere online where someone’s edited it to make her have longer hair like she does in a flashback panel of the manga, and I really like how she looks with that hairstyle. It should be noted that I like Mika’s design just as much if not more but season 2 doesn’t exist so I can’t put her here.

Re:Zero – Rem710132

I don’t understand how this show is regarded as well as it is. It’s just not that interesting to me. It’s not worthy of it’s psychological tagging on MAL. And on top of that I did not see the appeal of Emilia, sure she’s cute but Rem and/or Ram are just as cute. And then when Subaru has Rem confess to him he turns her down and I don’t understand why. It seems he’s only interested in Emilia because she’s nice and good looking. Well Rem is nice, good looking and is actually interested in you. Like I said though I love blue hair and that won Rem this spot over Ram.

Seireitsukai no Blade Dance – Ellis Fahrengart323215

It’s a harem. She has blue hair. You get the picture.

Shirobako – Ema Yasuhara


All the girls in Shirobako are great. Again I just connected with Ema’s artistic struggles more than anything else.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu – Mikuru AsahinaMikuru_Asahina

It’s Haruhi so of course the girls all look great. Personally I found that Haruhi could be too insufferable sometimes and Nagato was just nothing personality wise (which of course is the point. Plus I just want to protect Asahina.

Sword Art Online – Shino Asada*Sinon_GGO

This one is hard. It shouldn’t be, the show has bland characters because it’s a harem, especially in season 2. Sinon should be my obvious choice, short blue clipped back hair, her design is in an art style that, whilst it may be generic, is very nice to look at in my eyes. But then we remember that Sinon is only a representation of Asada in game and I hate Asada’s real life design. I don’t like glasses 99% of the time and the blue hair is gone and there’s no clips. Aghhhh. They took away everything I liked about the character. And she’s still be my runaway favorite if it weren’t for the fact that Asuna (best girl from season 1) has a blue haired game version of herself in the second season. But then I don’t tend to like girls that much older than me, within a year of me is fine but more than that is offputting (and Asuna of course is 19 as of season 2 I think). This is close, in game it’s Asada but overall it’s Asuna. Maybe Asuna will take it when i turn 19.

Tokyo Ghoul – Touka Kirishima anime-tokyo-ghoul-touka-kirishima-Favim.com-2109703

I love her hair. I love her hair. I love her hair. I love her hair.

Let’s be frank, hair is a huge part of an anime characters design. Most designs keep facial features to a minimum, so the things that are left front and center become very important (mouth, eyes and hair usually). I love the colour of her hair, the way it covers one eye and how the longer end is uneven in length at the bottom. Now if only Tokyo Ghoul was as good as it’s premiere was.

Toradora! – Minori Kushieda


Hold on a second. I am not saying that Minori was the right choice for Ryuuji. The whole point of the show was showing how Taiga and him were perfect for each other. That said I’m not Ryuuji. I know I’d get on much better with Minori and she looks better to me. I’m a very passively aggressive guy, I don’t like people, someone like Taiga probably wouldn’t mesh with me.

Trinity Seven – Levi KazamaLevi_EP1_AN1

I really am a sucker for girls with one eye covered by their hair. Pretty much all Trinity Seven girls are great though.

Yahari Oregeiru – Yui YuigahamaSallySubs-Yahari-Ore-no-Seishun-Love-Comedy-wa-Machigatteiru-Zoku-07-BD-720p-AAC-.avs_001_5182-1024x576

I like Oregeiru a fair bit, I should talk about it some time. But right from the start I knew I preferred Yui. It’s odd but most of my female friends are fairly chatty even though I’m not. Sure I can talk a lot but only amongst a group of friends. Not that I’m incapable of doing so, I just don’t like doing it. So Yukino’s colder, less talkative personality didn’t really mesh with me even though it’s a lot more like me. Plus Yui’s hair is shorter and tied back which I like. Iroha from season 2 is cute but Yui still takes the top spot here.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo – Urara Shirashi0CxZOAf

This show is really the perfect harem. Why? Well because it conclusive, the 12 episode run adapts almost all of the manga so we actually get an ending. On top of that the setting makes the fanservice part of the plot which was a good call. And the OP for the show is fantastic, you should go watch it. But my Best Girl goes totallu against my usual prefrences. She’s blonde and as of now there’s only two other pure blonde girls on my list. She also has long hair and it’s not tied up or clipped back. And she’s quite and reserved, unlike what I just said I prefer the more active type. But she’s best girl anyway. This is why this list is hard, because attraction doesn’t make sense, trying to make sense of it is madness.


And that is the end of this list. I might come back to update it as I complete more shows. To be honest I was expecting more blue hair and less silver hair but I’ll talk about that more when I fully analyse any trends I can find here.

Let me know about who you’re best girl from any of these shows are. I know anyone reading probably disagreed with like the entire list. And if you’re into guys let me know about best guy.

Thanks for reading,



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