Psycho-Pass – Masterpiece Territory (Announcement)

It was wishful thinking to believe I could watch this show again and only give it one post. It’s challenging enough for me to not break down every single episode, every single frame of animation by explaining how I see it, I love this show that much.

One of the oddest things though is that I love it for very different reasons now than I did when I first viewed it. Psycho-Pass has always been my favorite anime but my love of it is very unique amongst shows in my top 10, many of those shows seem to have built upon themselves with a second viewing, adding a new layer of depth to their story or characters with details only noticeable on a second viewing.

Psycho-Pass does do this, but for me that’s not what grabbed me the second time around, I will in fact be making a post on this but the second viewing for me brought an entirely new perspective to the show. The first time around one practically must view the show from Akane’s standpoint as we know about as much about the shows story as she does, being she’s a brand new recruit. Once one has watched the show however you can go back and watch it from the viewpoint of other characters, mostly Kogami or Makishima. And it was in the viewing of the series from these extra viewpoints that made me find a whole new level of appreciation for the show.

Even now as I watch it for the fourth or fifth time, this time with an ultra-analytical standpoint, I find new things to love about this show. I finished episode 3 yesterday and what I previously believed to be my least favorite episode of the first season, now has given me some unique insight into the SIBYL systems operation.

I have been saving up half-finished articles for my 2012athon but they never feel complete to me. I don’t write to break down exactly what a show is about, but what it’s about to me. Plenty of other people can tell you about what a director or writer said their show was about but I’m the only one who can give you my take on them. So when I get to watching this show again, one that has never left my mind even 3 years after first viewing it I feel compelled to attempt to get out everything about why I love it. So I will. I’ll be breaking the show down by arcs firstly, talking about how those arcs work individually and in tandem. Then I will be writing much more in depth pieces such as Akane as a main character, the SIBYL system, how it works and what it means or Kogami and Makishima’s relationship. This will be a long endevour but I hope you’ll read at least some of it (Or watch them in video form on my youtube channel) and that you get something out of it.

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One thought on “Psycho-Pass – Masterpiece Territory (Announcement)”

  1. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on this one. I love Psycho Pass (though haven’t yet attempted a review because I wouldn’t know where to start) and I love reading how other people have taken it.

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