Attack on Titan Episode 3: Live Review

Fantastic, straight into the death and misery I love it!

OK house titan talked, I’m going to put my money on the twist being that humans are turning into titans, it explains why there’s no one in the village and if that titan was crippled before becoming one, explains why it’s still there. Also rapid growth into a titan would explain the damaged houses. That’s not too crazy, Occam’s razor would suggest it’s more likely than Titans coming and destroying the village, leaving behind no blood and also not one single person trying to escape by horse.

OK so Christa and Ymir are having heartfelt flashbacks to season 1. I had genuinely thought they were new characters retroactively written into the story after seeing them in Sasha’s flashback last week. Did they do anything in the first season?

On that note, whilst I’m glad we’re getting some character development, why is it all happening in season 2? I get they’re working from a manga but the point of an adaptation (partially) is to use the foresight you have of the story to retroactively give things a level of nuance not necessarily originally in the source material. If a character is written in after the fact, the TV show can make that work in hindsight or in this case, could’ve given these characters development in season 1. Maybe it’s not a problem with the manga but in that case the TV show fucked up adapting it.

No hole in the wall, I’d thought they might do that after my assumption that these Titans were created, this pretty much just confirms it. Humanity went from severely fucked to fucked six ways from Sunday at the drop of a hat.

Castle ruins. There’s now way that they wouldn’t have know about them, why are they acting surprised? They have binoculars so presumably they do regularly sweep the are with them to check for Titans, someone would’ve noticed ruins not marked on a map. Did someone actively conceal this info from the soldiers? It’s the only reason I can think of. Also the moon coming out exactly when they said moonlight would be good is either a fuck you moment to the audience or a bad omen.

Great. We’re back to our main cast, ughhhh. Hopefully someone just decides they’ve had enough of Armin and offs him right now. Maybe Levi. Come on Levi prove your worth.

Wait, Armin just said Titans can’t move at night, so why was that guy earlier afraid of running into Titans whilst looking for the hole……during the night? Is that a continuity error? A translation one? Or is Armin being very loose with his speech? In any case Fuck Armin.

Agh the key is back, go away! The idea of Eren plugging up holes using his Titan abilities is a decent one, still doesn’t explain how Titans are in them but using hardened Titan skin as a building material is at least theoretically doable.

A little bit of personal bias here, Levi being a dick to the priest is fun. I’m not a huge fan of organised religions for the most part.

*So I had this big paragraph just written about Sasha being the girl the priest was talking about, because before he said the name of the girl he was talking about Sasha comes in and says hers. But then it turns out it was Christa? Like why would you animate the scene in that order then? It makes it seem like Sasha is the one he’s talking about! Also, so Christa was an actual character in season 1?! Am I just forgetting a significant portion of that season? I could swear she did literally nothing throughout it’s run.AND WHERE THE FUCK WAS HANGE HIDING THAT HOT POTATO???

Hahaha, Levi literally just said “I don’t know why you’re so attached to Eren” the show knows it’s character’s interpersonal relationships are pretty flimsy. Anyway back to how fucked the 104th are.

OK so the castle was marked, that’s some fucking poor preparation by that scout, he should be aware of these things.

This one was fine, not as great as last weeks but enjoyable enough that I want to see the next one. Some stupid shit was starting again though, please let’s try to stop that.

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*(Wait so now Sasha is a big plot point according to the priest. I’ve been had! Fun story: ThatAnimeSnob recently commented on the video version of my Attack on Titan post telling me my “thesis was wrong” because Sasha was originally intended to die in episode 2’s events but the editor apparently convinced the Mangaka to keep her alive. But then why would she be a major plot point in the very next episode?! Seems highly unlikely that that’d be the case (also even then it didn’t invalidate my claims because they had very little to do with Attack on Titan as a whole but just what I thought was it’s good bits, but I’m not salty I swear))




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