AoT Season 2 Episode 2 – Live Review (AoT at it’s best + Update)

I wasn’t able to post as much as I would’ve like to this weekend. Exams and a surprise family visit hindered my 2012athon and thus my writing. I was hoping to get to a Psycho-Pass Sundays piece today aswell but that just isn’t how life works most of the time. I also turned my ACCA article into a video so that took some time as well.

So to continue what I started with the AoT premiere and get something on the blog with the limited time I have, I’m hoping you enjoy another Live Review.

Oh Boy, Episode 2

Oh wow a recap. Again. At least it explained why the cadets were isolated. It wasn’t completely pointless. If this is a weekly thing I will not enjoy it.

“I’m Home” this title sets up some expectations. I hope it’s not some bullshit flashback thing, I could totally see that being the case.

The titans in wall thing is back. Armin suggests that the wall is made of hardened titan skin. That I could buy more easily. Sure if they could kill enough titans to build the walls then why are they so afraid of them but a stone wall covered in titan skin to reinforce it makes more sense than living titans within the walls. 

Aww Mikasa’s making sure Eren isn’t cold, how cute. NOT. Again this better not be flashback material or worse yet shitty foreshadowing.

Wait I have to check this out. I knew it! Erwin Smith (blonde commander dude) has the voice of Jotaro Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Daisuke Ono. That’s a good choice. I actually watched the first season dubbed so I wouldn’t have gotten that before. This is my first time recognising a Japanese voice actor I feel good about myself.

These CG horses are beginning to become a little off-putting. They are done quite well but seeing them so regularly allows you to notice they’re not animated like the rest of the show. they’re best used sparingly.

Now we have a flashback scene with Sasha, I fucking knew it. However if it’s going to be about the cadets (or just Sasha) returning to their home villages to evacuate them, I’m actually OK with that.

Her scene has her talking with someone whose dialogue is subbed as a southern drawl. Here’s a question, when people in anime are speaking in a distinctly different dialect than the norm, how should it be subbed? It has to be distinguished but having Japanese people say “dangnabbit” never sits right with me. Is there another way to do it?

Oh and Sasha has this Southern accent as well in this flashback. Has she been putting on a normal one this entire time?

Fairly certain that titan enjoying himself some seasoned housewife is the guy who died last episode. Looks just like him. Is that just me?

Aside from that though that woman is acting like she’s nearly fucking dead. She’s barely moving or making any noise, he’s only eating your leg! There’s no way you wouldn’t at least be screaming in agony at this stage, you’re still very much alive.

Wow this scene with Sasha and the kid running away from the titan has some actual weight to it. This is AoT at its best. That question brought up in her flashback “are you willing to die for your individuality?” is on full display here. When the village runs as a unit leaving behind the kid’s mother knowing she would slow them down, the kid stays behind out of love for her parent. So who has remained human here? Sure the villagers survive but they have sacrificed their humanity and individuality to do so. I might do a full article/video on this topic there’s so much to say about it. Why can’t the show be like this all the time?

Ah she has in fact been putting on her accent the entire time, thanks for clarifying that Mr. Episode.

Oh now we have Conny’s village as well. His seems quite thoroughly devastated, I’m looking forward to the next episode if it’ll be about that.

And that’s the end. AoT rebounds from what I perceived to be a lackluster premiere to one of the series’ best episodes. This is what the show is meant to be about, show me more minor victories in humanity’s last hour. Show me the idiots that won’t yield in the face of death. Show me individuals. Cut this Titan in the wall crap and give me more of this!


Firstly I’d like to apologize for my lack of content over the weekend. As I explained at the start some unforeseen circumstances overlaid onto an already busy schedule caused this. I also started a Youtube channel which I’d like to get up and running. This might slow my output a bit, but I personally think my longer form content is my  best work and the care a 10-15 minute video requires could result in some real good stuff! I’ll still post to the blog often, but my longer pieces will also have a video version (writing scripts as blog posts works for me so I’ll be posted to the blog then made into a video). I would of course love if you’d subscribe to my channel but I will be posting any scripted videos as blog content aswell so you need not worry. I hope this makes my longer writings slightly more digestible.

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