Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai: How Thick Is Blood?

I’m in a unique enough position to enjoy or detest this particular anime.

One where an 18-19 year old gets custody of a 3 year old niece as well as two step nieces. Why? Well in a vast oversimplification I have a sister (of a similar age gap of that between Hina and Yuuta) whom I am the next guardian for, if anything were to ever happen to my mother, I would take custody of her. I also didn’t have my mother around for early parts of my life as she was seriously ill, so relatives took me in for about 5 years in my youth. There are similarities between my situation and Yuuta’s as unlikely as that sounds, even more than I have described thus far.

It means that I was so intrinsically invested in the premise alone that had it been pulled off correctly I would have loved it. It wasn’t. The shows not bad, I gave it a 6 on MAL, there’s a lot to like about it and it doesn’t do many things all that wrong. But it doesn’t do nearly enough with it’s characters and setting to be all that memorable.

It’s the framework of a good show, something just begging for someone to come along and fill it with the nuance required to make it work. This show could have been quite good which is annoying, I’d rather watch a show that never seemed all that good to begin with than be let down by one that promised me more.

I’ll talk more about the show in general in my 2012athon final ranking but today I’d like to get across my feelings one thing it did right while it’s still fresh on my mind.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water, Except When It’s Not


I will warn you now this section will be filled with opinions some people may not like.

This show is at it’s best when it focuses on it’s familial issues. The parents death, struggling to make ends meet, telling Hina her parents are never coming back. These moments are fairly well handled and they make for a great contrast to the often happy home life of the cast.

I wish they had stuck with this throughout and not lost focus of what the story was about. What makes family?

Now while the show doesn’t go quite as far as me I believe that family is not inherently important, it’s a continued relationship of give and take that makes a real connection. To that end I have a few friends who to me are basically family and some family members I don’t really care for. For me family is made over time not through blood.

So it’s nice when a family centric show shares this opinion to a certain degree. Many shows like this will often have it’s characters go through thick and thin for their family even when, if it were someone else they would’ve stopped a long time before. Or if we have people getting on with each other with family for no other reason than they are family. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but I personally don’t really relate.

The show puts a big emphasis on how, despite not being related, the trio of girls are a family that shouldn’t be separated. It shows a great deal of how these characters feel indebted to each other, how they rely on each other for support. That’s how real relationships are built, how familial bonds should be made.

Now if only they’d stuck with that, spiced it up with a bit more tragedy and cut all the bullshit. A topic of discussion for another day friends.

2012athon (1/50)


With this completed I am now 2% through my 2012 marathon! If all the shows were 12 episodes. Which they’re not. Fuck. This wasn’t a particularly bad start, this was one of the shows I was expecting to either be bored to hell by or detest intently but I ended up coming out of it with at least a little I enjoyed.

Anything that doesn’t make me want to rope myself is good at this stage, I’m going to have to go through SAO’s Alfheim arc at some stage.


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2 thoughts on “Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai: How Thick Is Blood?”

  1. See, now, with the context of going through your MAL list, the viewer would know that a 6/10 for you is fairly low, since your average rating per series is, like, 7.3. This is essentially telling them that it’s passable. It’s also the same score I gave it, so I’m interested to see if I like it better or worse upon re-watch (Coming soon to a blog near you).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Passable is a bit harsh, I would think that it does have SOME merit. Passable is a 5 to me.

      I expect my avg. to go down as I complete shows I don’t like during this. It’ll (hopefully) become more reflective.

      I didn’t really get any sense of how it would hold up under rewatch which is odd, usually you feel there’s something there or that it really works best once. Didn’t get either this time. Looking forward to your take.


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