Bites The Dust Does Not Create A Paradox (A response to Kaleb I.A.)

Time travel is pretty straight forward am I right? Originally I found the concept difficult to grasp but then a version of me from the future came back and explained it all to me. Actually now that I think about it he didn’t explain to me how he found out about it though. Hmmmmmm……….

The Bites the Dust “Paradox”


I recently came across a video by Youtuber Kaleb I.A. entitled The Bites The Dust Paradox. Sorry, I couldn’t resist, but seriously this videoHe presents the general paradoxical nature of time travel, the problems that Bites The Dust causes because of that and then proceeds to explain it away with a multiple timelines theory, an arbitrary time travel explanation which covers most paradoxes.

He makes his explanation based on the idea of The Grandfather paradox making single timeline time travel possible. Let’s set aside the fact it’s Jojo and it’s all wonderfully crazy bullshit and the only explanation I need is that it was all Dio anyway. Let’s actually take this seriously for a moment. Is there a way that this power could work on a single timeline?

Let’s find out.

Killer Queenkiller_queen___jojo_by_11tsuna11-d910vnv

So what does Bites The Dust do? It kills anyone who finds out Yoshikage Kira’s identity and then rewinds time to a certain point and repeats except the deaths that happened before still occur regardless of how things happen differently in the loop. (E.g. Rohan explodes after finding Hayato after time resets he explodes at the same time anyway even though he doesn’t see Hayato)

Simple enough, right? Moving on.

The Grandfather Paradox


So this is the reason Kaleb said that there must be multiple timelines. The idea being that if I go back in time and kill my grandfather, how am I born to ever go back and do so in the first place. (The best explanation for this is the Futurama one where you actually end up being your own grandfather)

A simpler way to put this, if I go back in time and achieve my objective then I will have had no reason to go back in time in the first place thus making backwards time travel along a single timeline impossible. Well nearly.

The Automated Process

Have you heard of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ?”

My explanation will not go into exactly how Bites The Dust could work, that’d be a rather long and complicated answer that would really only be speculation.

I merely wish to explain how I think multiple timelines are not necessary  for Bites The Dust to work. In the Grandfather Paradox our problem is that achieving our goal means we would never go back to achieve our goal.

But Bites The Dust has no goals of it’s own. It is an external automated process that can rewind time only back to the moment it decides to start a loop. This is crucial as going back any further would instigate the grandfather paradox but going back no further than the point of decision is theoretically possible. And given that no conscious decision has to be made in order for time to revert that problem is avoided within the loop itself.

And also it’s fucking Jojo it just works.


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