The Versatile Blogger Award: Me Edition


I’d like to thank Kapodaco for the nomination. He was one of the first few people to follow my blog and it’s people like him who seem to legitimately enjoy my posts that make me happy and give me a reason to not quit like I have on so many ventures before.

He’s also a pretty good critic as well! Now I have only been around this blogging community for a week (and a day) so I haven’t gotten through the back catalogue of a man who does a different movie review every single day in March but his recent post on ACCA, whilst bearing a differing opinion than me on the series, was quite well written.

Onwards to the award


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  3. Share seven things about yourself
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Seven Things About Me

1. The Tagline is Not Bullshit


It’s actually quite accurate. I talked about the HARE psychopathy test on my first article about Shogo Makishima and there is a pretty good online version of it that I have taken.

For kicks I answered as Shogo Makishima recently and got 30 (mind you this wouldn’t be incredibly accurate) a score of 30/40 and above indicates psychopathy which would toe the line of Makishima’s high functioning version of it.

I score a 28, take from that what you will. The only thing I will say is that I am not a sadist.

I’ve had friends and family take the test and I’ve had scores ranging between 4 and 16 with 7 being the overall average for humans.

It’s an interesting test and I encourage you to take it yourself.

2. There Is Only One Thing I Am More Engrossed In Than Anime534c4fcd0faf33fb80000001

And that’s music, very specifically hip-hop. While I do hold an affinity for some pop-rock, soul and punk, I know an absurd amount about hip-hop.

I can recite to you entire songs of my favorite artist and I spend time breaking down rhyme schemes the same way I do characters in shows except I’d say I’m probably better at it comparatively.

Like the way I view anime (by focusing on certain elements of shows much more than others eg. Characters and themes over art and sound design), my musical focus is somewhat narrow in that I focus on lyrical content almost exclusively.

If anyone ever wants to tell me that Eminem isn’t the GOAT, fight me on Twitter.

3. And One Thing I Enjoy Just As MuchLiverpools-Philippe-Coutinho-celebrates-scoring-their-second-goal-as-Evertons-Matthew-Pennington

And that’s sports. More specifically football and basketball. I’ve said before that I’m a football player and I also dabble in school basketball, though I’m far better at the former.

Sports tends not to clash with my with my music or anime viewing hobbies as it is done whilst I am typically outside my house anyway so it’s perfect.

As for teams I support, in football it’s Liverpool and basketball the Dallas Mavericks.

And should anyone say it’s “soccer”, again, fight me on Twiter.

4. I’m a student

A secondary school (high school) student in his final year.

You have permission to be as surprised as you see fit (none at all).

5. When I’m Done Schooltumblr_m84tunSzpu1rpvr4oo1_500

Surprise. I want to be a writer. I started doing analysis as an exercise for the development of my own scriptwriting abilities. I’m in the middle of a script right now in fact. I’ve been doing theatre classes for over a decade now so that is where my interest in the area began.

Not just a writer, I wish to do a variety of creative endeavors from music to art but script writing is first and foremost on my mind.

6. My First Anime Was One Of 2 Showshighschool-of-the-dead-is-a-japanese-manga-series-written-by-daisuke-sat-and-illustrated-by-sh-ji-sat

Not the first Anime I ever watched (probably Pokemon or Yu Gi Oh) but the first one I watched when I got into anime and was aware of it as a distinct medium.

It was Psycho-Pass. Or High School of The Dead. I can’t remember which one I watched first. I watched them one after the other and I honestly don’t remember which one came first.

While I haven’t rewatched HoTD, I obviously have Psycho-Pass and it’s one of the few early shows I watched that holds up (and actually has improved in my estimation) all this time later, while my reasons for loving it have changed, my love itself has not.

7. My Favorite Show Is The SopranosTony-Soprano

It’s either this or Psycho-Pass. When it comes to great characters one need look further than Tony Soprano, I love him for many of the same reasons I do Makishima: He’s just sorta fucked.

Though it’s not something I’ll talk about on the blog, The Sopranos is as close to perfection in media as I have ever seen, it’s hard for anyone to find much fault in it, and I implore you to check it out if you haven’t.



I’ll have to ask you to forgive me but my shot time blogging means that I myself follow very few blogs. Of those I follow and that I do not know of having done the award before I’d like to nominate:

  1. The Anime Prince
  2. Peach’s Almanac

And with that….

Thanks for reading,





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8 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award: Me Edition”

  1. I went ahead and took that psychopathy test. Scored a 9. Somewhat disheartened. : [

    The school thing didn’t surprise me. I was more surprised when I got to your MAL and saw you were only 18.

    Hip-hop, huh? That’s so far away from what I like musically it’s almost funny. And the comment on the quality of lyrics is also pretty far away, too.

    I will not fight you on Twitter, I will fight you here: Football is Football. Soccer is Soccer or fútbol. Don’t say “Football” and expect this ‘Merican man who loves him some god damn football to think you’re talkin’ ’bout fútbol! Only other thing you could call football other than football is handegg, but that sounds stupid!

    Good post, dude.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 9 is above average at the very least. My Mother scores a 4 which is unusually low.

      I know, I’ve never minded hip-hop’s potential lack of sonic appeal, give me a rapper with good lyrics a cappella and I’m set.

      Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. There’s only one kicker and one punter in handegg! I’ve seen Draymond Green kick more balls than a majority of NFL players. It’s football. Grr.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      Script is really just a format, I like writing stories designed for TV though.
      I have 3 stories in progress right now, 2 of them will turn into TV scripts one I’d like as a comic or manga but my drawing abilities are currently lacking.

      The reason I’d like to do scriptwriting is I want to be involved in my ideas right down to the dialogue, not having other people I don’t know writing for characters I create. In an ideal world I’m a scriptwriter/original creator/director kinda guy. Like Tommy Wiseau but good.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks, man. I really appreciate the award! I’ve never taken part in these nominations in the past. I never know what to say, and wouldn’t have a clue how to decide on who to nominate myself. Though, I really love the sentiment. Thanks you!

    Your blog’s great man, keep up the good shizzle!!!


    Liked by 1 person

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