Attack on Titan season 2 premiere – Live Review

Rick and Morty came out the same fucking day as AoT season 2, I want to watch both AND I have to post something for the blog. So I decided to write my thoughts on AoT whilst watching since an actual review isn’t really my style. Hopefully this will give you an insight into how I watch shows whilst also giving you some of my thoughts on AoT. The only rule here is that I can’t rewind to see anything again, I can pause to finish writing up my thoughts. Going into this all one needs to know was I enjoyed the first season but didn’t love it, I gave it a 7 on MAL. With that let’s get started.

I’m already not impressed, why the fuck is there a recap at the start? Absolutely no new animation save for a few (basically) still frames void of much color.

Oh what was that! Some goddamn 8 bit N64 music capped off the recap, really breaks the tension the (pointless) montage was setting up.

I hate to be so nitpicky… wait no I don’t, a titan in the wall?! We’re 2 minuets into the premiere that was quick. Give us a breather, anyone who binges watches this season along with the first post release or anyone who has JUST watched the first in anticipation will have had no time to digest what has just happened. It’s a poor decision.

Ok the opening is pretty cool. A bit like the first one but more subdued, it never gets quite as epic as that OP but I don’t mind that, it’s something different. The imagery is pretty nice looking but nothing special, a lot of it seems like it’s things that will be in the show later on, I prefer one’s that are their own thing but it’s fine.

“Beast Titan” That’s the title. Sounds like an Australian talking about how Annie is his waifu. OK I like that this bitch is literally hanging the priest off the wall just because he said let me down”. ZERO CHILL.

Wait WHAT. The walls are made of titans?! That’s what this bitch just said! How is the wall structurally sound? I expect some absurdity in a show like this but this sequel is on some Psycho-Pass 2 shit.

FFS. “There can’t be Titans here Sasha, that’d mean wall rose has been breached.” *literally 2 seconds later* “WALL ROSE HAS BEEN BREACHED.” Fuck off.

“Lunch will have to wait”, what a badass line to exit on. I am however a fan of some of the camera angles being used, the way this blonde girl (Tomas?) has the camera swing around her while she’s in the air is pretty nice. The moustache guy gets what the series is about.

A surprising lack of our main character so far, we’ve seen nearly all of the “less important but still somewhat relevant” characters so far but no Eren, Mikasa or that whiny kid.

The way that Titan jumps before tearing into a sprint is so retarded, it’s absolutely hilarious, how is that meant to be scary?

Oh great a flashback to break up the tension, great idea placing this halfway through the episode when I thought you had decided to just go for a straight up action fest, why wasn’t this right at the start?!? His mothers telling him his ideals directly, great writing.

Eren’s awake, why is only the front of his hair moving in the breeze? I mean the rest of it seemed stationary that’s just odd. Oh look Mikasa is waiting at your bedside Eren, it’s almost like she want’s to fuck you.. Back to the titans, this pacing is fantastic.

I knew when they said he’d come back alive that he definitely wouldn’t. He started trying to run away, he definitely shouldn’t have been able to, jesus those titans are sure devouring their delicious human, he’s taking a while to stop screaming. On that note, titans can talk now. Cool, I guess.

This ending music really doesn’t fit quite right, not with the series, and especially not following an episode like that. It also sounds like the version of itself someone would hear if they had ear cancer.

And that’s it, what a ride, except not really. A surprising lack of Eren, a surprising lack of action considering the situation. The pacing was off, they couldn’t even stick with the original poor pacing decision they made all the way through. This was less of an episode and more of an exposition dump, like the Wikipedia entry for what this episode should have been. I haven’t seen any reaction to this yet but if I were a big AoT fan I wouldn’t be that pleased. Thankfully I’m not so I don’t really care.

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