Days: Getting the feeling of football right, while getting football so wrong (semi-analytical rant)

love football. I live, eat and breathe football. I am a footballer. I understand what football is and it’s appeal better than almost anything. So whenever I see football related media I’m skeptical, producers tend to love the money sport brings not the sport itself so when I saw a football themed sports anime, I was a little less than thrilled.

But today I decided to give it a shot and found that the show encountered different problems than what I was expecting, it was actually pleasantly surprising that I didn’t want to drop the series by the end of episode one.

Now 3 episodes in, I find it somewhat fascinating that the show seems to have such a mixed handling of it’s subject matter, and it seems (to me at least) that the adapters of the original manga had no idea what they were doing. The passion for the sport comes through in the character writing but it’s painfully obvious that the animation has taken no regard for how football is actually played, just directly copying manga panels of a match without any regard to how they should look whilst in motion. At one point four players all run in a pack in the same direction. THIS ISN’T FUCKING RUGBY. It’s odd because after this scene these same players will berate our Main Character for messing up the formation.

It’s things like this that keep messing with me while I watch the series, for when I see the teams captain explain that learning how to play football is a feeling and not about simply learning how to kick and go “yeah I totally get that” I’m reminded that when trials started he made everyone do 100 sprints without a warm up which before you even consider how stupid that would be as a football trial, is a legimate risk of seriously injuring anyone who partakes in it and then I’m pulled out of the moment that I was so thoroughly enjoying. I want the animation to pay attention to the details, when the supposedly good enough to be pro captain, whilst teaching the MC how to shoot, smashes the ball dead and centre, I’m not impressed I’m thinking “if he’s so fucking good why isn’t he aiming for the corner”. For a show that seemingly so predicated on the feeling of the sport, one would think having a fundamental understanding of it would be important, there’s no way  I could see a non football fan getting into this, but (if attention to detail was actually adhered to) this would be a fantastic representation of what Footballers feel.

I thought about doing a more formal analysis of the first 3 episodes but unfortunately having watched it and having the main character’s practically be me in a footballing (comes to it late with little ability, is predicted to be the captain in 3 years time (I’ll talk about that in the more formal article!)) that I know I’ll have to watch it all the way through just to see either their success or failure in portraying the sport I love further.


So enjoy this extra bit of writing and expect another proper analysis either late today or early tomorrow. If you enjoyed this rant please follow the blog below.

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